MERGE 2011 (Instant Nostalgia)

The clip above is a photo highlights video of our time at MERGE last week. We showed it Saturday morning in our final gathering together. Watching students and leaders respond to the video was a lot of fun, and instant nostalgia was definitely in full effect.

Every day of MERGE is packed with interconnected experiences from the time students wake up until the time they go back to the dorms at night. We’ve found that it’s really important to give them moments throughout the day to simply stop and reflect on what they’ve experienced over even the previous few hours. But it’s for more than nostalgia’s sake. At MERGE, we tried to help students become more aware of those moments in each day where they found themselves wrapped up on God’s amazing story, or made a real connection with God, learned something new, or heard from God in a specific way.

Then, we had the joy of sitting back and listening to students share those moments with each other. Some students used art to share. Others wrote spoken word pieces. Others simply wrote a letter to God, then read it for all of us.

For every image we captured at MERGE, and for every moment a student shared with us, we know there are countless more moments where God was at work in students’ lives.

We are grateful to have witnessed some of those moments, and to have been a part.

2 Responses to “MERGE 2011 (Instant Nostalgia)”

  1. Kelli Says:

    Still can’t believe I wasn’t there this year! Love the pictures…

  2. Genel amacımız kişileri bilgilendirmek ve tüm konular üzerinde durmaktır. Hergün güncel konular üzerinde durulacaktır. İsteklerinizi göz önünde bulundurulacaktır….

    […]MERGE 2011 (Instant Nostalgia) « iblogo[…]…

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