How do you give a presentation when people are texting?

I read a good article in Fast Company entitled, Giving Kick-Ass Presentations In The Age Of Social Media. Here is a an overview – with my thoughts added:

1. Don’t Panic if They Aren’t Looking at You – Engagement doesn’t always mean eye contact in these settings. Drawing or typing on an iPad can be engagement.

2. Stifle the Temptation to Ask for a Device Moratorium – People don’t like being told how to engage. A pen and paper is no more valid or appropriate than a smartphone.

3. If You Aren’t Nervous, You Should Be Now – Your audience has access to unlimited amounts of information almost instantly. This means we must work hard to make our presentations more than just lectures that transfer information to the listener. They must be passionate stories and experiences that allow for participation.

4. If You Don’t Speak Twitterese, It’s Time to Learn It. Share your social media information before you start. Make connections with your audience that extend the conversation outside of the presentation.

5. Congratulations! You May Be Speaking to Millions You Can’t See. Every presentation is an opportunity to share your story with those inside AND OUTSIDE the room. The influence of those in the room is a powerful thing.

6. The Reviews Are In–In Real Time. We should welcome and seek to grow from the instant feedback that the internet provides (but not get too focused on a negative comment here and there).

7. When All Else Fails, Surprise the Audience with Honesty. I believe this has always been at the center of any good message. People can sniff out when someone is honest, and when they they are not.

Things effective speakers have in common – Don’t use word-heavy powerpoint  // good storytellers // use humor // keep it short // allow for Q+A

The full article can be found here

One Response to “How do you give a presentation when people are texting?”

  1. Hopefully you’re not offended if I text while reading your blog post. ;) j/k #lamejoke

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