Is the fear of better options (FOBO) paralyzing millennials?

I recently read a very interesting article on CNN by Priya Parker entitled, “Millennials Paralyzed by Choice”.

She contends that through social media millennials constantly hear about “all the cool places they could be and cool things they could be doing, which always seem better than where they now are.” This constant stream is shaping a “defining ethic” of this generation, who when facing major life decisions seem to be paralyzed by FOBO – the “fear of better options”. Here are a few really interesting segments:

More and more, particularly among those who have yet to make those big life decisions (whom to marry, what kind of job to commit to, where to live), FOMO and FOBO – the “fear of better options” – are causing these young leaders to stand still rather than act. “The way I think about it metaphorically is choosing one door to walk through means all the other doors close, and there’s no ability to return back to that path,” one subject told me. “And so rather than actually go through any doorway, it’s better to stand in the atrium and gaze.”

Those with the most options in this generation have a tendency to choose the option that keeps the most options open.

Have you found this to be true? Could this change the way you interact with millennials?

Read the full article here.

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