Whole Child-Centered Education

Over the last several years I have become more and more interested in experiential learning and learner-centered teaching approaches. I have learned much from my brother, Michael Novelli, in this area and we have taught a few workshops on the topic together. I ran across an article that I found really interesting about schools that are changing their approach to be Whole Child-Centered —”one that nurtures a student’s academic, emotional, and physical needs and prepares them for the real world.”

This immediatley made me think of ways that the church is “educating” and how we might learn from these models. A few things that stood out:

  • Staff and students have worked hard to build a true community and learn from each other
  • The school has also fostered strong relationships with individuals, institutions, and community organizations that can help the students learn and develop
  • Parents are also intimately engaged in the workings of the school
  • There’s an extensive mentoring program—both adults and older students
  • The design of the building also helps create a sense of the community

Let me know your thoughts.

Read the full article HERE.

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