Video Games in the classroom

Found an interesting article about how video games are becoming a more and more common part of education.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

About half of elementary and middle school teachers say they use digital games at least twice a week with students, while nearly 70 percent say that games help students who are struggling with reading and math and 60 percent say gaming helps them personalize their instruction and meet the needs of all students.

There is actually a school in New York City who’e entire curriculum is based on games!

 I think games are an important part of teaching in way that allows students to make choices. To help move them from consumers to creators. This article made me consider, how can I incorporate games into my learning environments?
Read the full article here.

One Response to “Video Games in the classroom”

  1. Finally! There’s proof that my childhood wasn’t wasted! :-)

    I’d say that there are LOTS of ways that we’re learning to “game” our everyday life. Twitter (micro-blogging “cool” things about our every day life, or whatever else we want to share), Foursquare (checking in and arriving at a location has become a mini game), Nike+GPS app (tracks your progress, encourages you, keeps a record of how many miles and rewards your for reaching milestones), Oink, etc. Games are here to stay. My generation grew up with games, and it makes sense that many of these video game mechanics (leveling up, progress, rewards, digital achievement) are such a significant part of the culture now. :-)

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