7 step strategy for great meetings

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I posted recently about brainwriting and have tried this method a few times in meetings with great results. I keep finding articles that reinforce the approach. Here is another that is concise and I found very helpful.


Stop Multitasking, Start Monotasking

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For me productivity means more time with my family and more time to recharge. It also means the opportunity for my business to grow. So, I love to read articles and watch videos about how to be more productive. The common theme I seem to be finding is to eliminate distractions – don;t jump around from task to task.

So when I read this:

Multitasking causes a greater decrease in IQ than smoking pot or losing a night’s sleep, found a recent study by the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London.

It surprised me, but did not shock me. This is a great, short article, worth a few minutes of your time. READ IT HERE.

- Mark



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Meet our summer intern: Lassiter Gregg

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Born: Makati City, Philippines

Currently: Communications Major at Moody Chicago

Favorite food: Cold Raw Avocados

Favorite movie: A Street Car Named Desire (1951)

Favorite book: Caring For Words In A Culture of Lies by Marilyn Chandler

Hopes for internship: I look forward to learning more about motion graphics, videography, project management and production; there is no limit to what I can learn at IMAGO.

VIDEO: Walt Disney Studios 12 principles of animation

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Larkin High School Senior Show at IMAGO

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VPAA Flyer


The Larkin High School Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VPAA) will be hosting it’s senior art show at IMAGO. Open hours 4-7pm May 12-14. Closing Reception May 15 6-9pm. Hope to see you there!



10 creative rituals you should steal

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Great article at 99U. I am trying to add as many of these as I can to my life. Here is an overview:

1. Take a Quarterly Vacation

2. Hold a “Retrospective” After Projects

3. Write Every Day

4. Create an “Interesting People Fund”

5. Keep “Tear Sheets” to Get Inspired

6. Nap Every Day

7. Envision What You Will Be Remembered For

8. Brainstorm at the Bar

9. Get Out of the Building

10. Engage in “Morphological Synthesis”


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