InMotion Hosting Review 2024: What’s Best for Beginners?

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InMotion Hosting Review

Every year, countless new web hosting providers join the market, promising the moon and stars to their customers. Yet, few stand the test of time and deliver on their promises. InMotion Hosting has been around for a while, but does it offer what beginners need in 2024?

InMotion Hosting, with its 170,000-strong customer base, it’s clear they’re doing something right. Known for a broad range of hosting plans like shared, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated servers, InMotion is good for small businesses and established giants. They’re popular for user-friendly interfaces, pocket-friendly prices, and top-tier security. The recent addition of a new data centre in Amsterdam adds another feather to their cap, along with a generous 90-day trial window.

However, there’s no such thing as perfection. A few areas, like the lack of standard backups and a content delivery network, leave room for improvement. Are these deal-breakers or minor bumps in an otherwise smooth journey?

Join us in this detailed review as we unpack InMotion Hosting’s offerings, assessing its strengths and improvement areas.

InMotion Hosting ReviewInMotion Hosting Review
InMotion Hosting All plansInMotion Hosting All plans
InMotion main features in all plansInMotion main features in all plans
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InMotion Rating

4. 0 /5


InMotion Hosting Pros and Cons



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What are the features of InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting Logo

Cost effective Shared Hosting

Fast, Secure & Reliable

Website server file storage - icon

SSD Storage

100GB - Unlimited

Website Monthly Traffic -icon

Monthly traffic

Not Define

Money back guarantee icon

Money Back Guarantee

90 days

General Features
Starting Price
Free Domain
Email account
10 - Unlimited
WordPress Installation
Staging Environment
Site Migrations
Customer Support
Phone Support
Live Chat
Ticket Support
Knowledge base
Uptime Guarantee
Cloud Flair
Avg Response Time
404 ms
Data Centers
Firewall DDoS Protection
SSL Certificates
Automatic Backups
Malware Scanning
Hack Fix Guarantee
WHOIS Domain Privacy
Ease to use
Website Builder
Free BoldGrid
Optimization Tools
PHP Versions
Hosting Types & All Packages Pricing
Shared Hosting
$2.99 - $11.91/mon*
VPS Hosting
$14.99 - $74.99/mon*
Dedicated Hosting
$89.99 - $739.99/mon*
WordPress Hosting
$3.49 - $13.74/mon*
Managed WordPress Hosting
$7 - $112/mon*
Reseller Hosting
$$19.99 - $49.99/mon*
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InMotion Hosting Overview

In today’s dynamic digital world, choosing the right web hosting service can be a pivotal decision for businesses. As we set our sights on InMotion Hosting, we aim to provide you with a transparent, detailed, and reader-friendly analysis.

Let’s delve into the journey of a company that thrived in the hosting industry for over two decades.

InMotion Hosting Fast and Reliable features
Screenshot taken from InMotion Hosting

What is InMotion Web Hosting?

InMotion Hosting, established in 2001 by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson, has secured its reputation as a trusted web hosting provider over two decades. With a prominent base in Los Angeles and supportive branches in Virginia Beach and Denver, this provider extends its services worldwide. From data centers spanning California and Virginia to the Netherlands, they’re more than just tech firms.

InMotion is not just another technology firm; they’ve made it their mission to empower businesses and entrepreneurs with top-tier web hosting services, reliable customer support, and cutting-edge open-source technology solutions.

Is InMotion Hosting a Good Company? (Quick Snapshot)

Numbers can impress, but they tell only part of the story. With 170K satisfied customers, 22+ years of expertise, and a dedicated team of 350+ professionals, InMotion Hosting demonstrates a commitment beyond metrics. They focus on delivering unparalleled web tools and platforms, ensuring that businesses can enhance their online presence regardless of size.

Furthermore, they continue beyond generic web hosting. Recognizing diverse needs, InMotion offers specialized hosting for platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, fortified with top-notch security features. This dedication to versatility and reliability has earned them loyal customers in over 175 countries.

InMotion Hosting Pricing & Plans

Selecting the right web hosting package can be challenging with so many options. InMotion Hosting provides various hosting plans suitable for diverse needs, from small personal blogs to expansive business websites. Let’s break down the primary hosting services they offer, along with their key features.

Shared Hosting

InMotion Shared hosting packages
Screenshot taken from InMotion Hosting

A budget-friendly and dependable hosting solution can make all the difference for new businesses or individual website owners. InMotion’s shared hosting plans offer this balance, allowing even those on a tight budget to make a mark online.

  • Core ($2.29/mo): Just starting? The Core plan offers solid basics at an affordable $2.29 per month. With 2 websites, 100GB SSD storage, and 10 dedicated email addresses, it’s an ideal choice for small websites or personal blogs. The plan boasts 2x speed and performance to ensure a swift browsing experience. However, note that the data centers for this plan are solely US-based.
  • Launch ($4.99/mo): When you’re ready for more, the Launch plan, at $4.99 a month, brings more to the table. It offers the flexibility to host up to 25 websites and provides unlimited NVMe SSD storage. Moreover, the 6x UltraStack Speed ensures your site runs smoothly, and the choice of data center location, covering both the US and EU, lets you cater to a wider audience.
  • Power ($4.99/mo): Growing businesses need more resources. At the same monthly rate, the Power plan gives you just that. Host unlimited websites and enjoy unlimited NVMe SSD storage. The 12x UltraStack Speed ensures your site is always responsive, while tools like Python, Node.JS, and GIT empower you to do more. With live phone support, assistance is just a call away.
  • Pro ($12.99/mo): The Pro plan offers top-tier features at $12.99 a month for those serious about their online presence. Beyond unlimited website hosting and the blazing 20x UltraStack Speed, you gain a dedicated IP and exclusive Pro Support SLA. This plan fits larger sites or businesses needing that extra push in performance and support.

Standout features across these plans include fast website speeds, fortified by NVMe SSD storage, and comprehensive security measures guarding against potential threats. The user-friendly cPanel and 1-click installs make website management a breeze.

Plus, with multiple data centers, your site benefits from added speed and reach. InMotion stands behind its services with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee—a testament to its confidence in its offers.

With InMotion’s shared hosting, the online world is yours to explore, backed by a service that understands your needs.

WordPress Hosting

Optimized and overseen by industry professionals, InMotion’s WordPress hosting ensures swift migrations, fortified security, and unparalleled speed. Their expertise is evident with a track record of over 500,000 WordPress installations.

  • WP Core ($3.49/mo from $10.99/mo): A great choice for starters, this plan hosts 2 websites with 100GB NVMe SSD storage, ensuring 10x WP performance. Also, benefits from unlimited bandwidth, 10 email addresses, and crucial security measures. Tools like Python, Node.JS, and Ruby amplify your site’s capabilities. There’s live chat for support, but remember, this tier’s data centers are US-exclusive.
  • WP Launch ($6.99/mo from $14.99/mo): Elevate your WordPress presence with this plan. It lets you host 25 websites with unlimited NVMe SSD storage, delivering 20x WP performance. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and email addresses. Get ahead with 3 PHP workers per site, advanced caching, and versatile tools. Select from US and EU data center locations and count on live chat for assistance.
  • WP Power ($6.99/mo from $19.99/mo): The name says everything. Designed for those who demand more, it hosts unlimited websites and offers 30x WP performance. Your WordPress site stands out with 4 PHP workers per site, advanced caching, and a dedicated Opcode cache pool. You also get to choose between US and EU data centers. Both live chat and phone support ensure you’re never in the dark.
  • WP Pro ($14.99/mo from $28.99/mo): Aimed for the pros, this package delivers top-tier features. With unlimited website hosting and a staggering 40x WP performance, it has 6 PHP workers per site, a dedicated Opcode cache pool, and a dedicated IP. Reach out via live chat or phone whenever you need help or guidance.
InMotion Hosting WordPress packages
Screenshot taken from InMotion

WooCommerce Hosting & Other Specialized Services

InMotion has noticed the e-commerce segment. With WooCommerce hosting, online stores get tailored features to ensure smooth transactions and optimal user experiences.

Delivered through a Cloud VPS Infrastructure, it provides the power to run eCommerce stores effectively. Being Optimized for WordPress, it ensures smooth integrations while focusing on full security vital for online transactions.

VPS Hosting

There comes a time when businesses, developers, and high-traffic websites seek more than just shared resources. They long for a powerful, isolated environment that offers flexibility, security, and impeccable performance. Enter InMotion’s VPS Hosting— a suite of high-octane plans tailored for those who demand more.

InMotion VPS Hosting Plans
Screenshot taken from InMotion Hosting
  • VPS 4GB RAM ($14.99/mo after discount): This plan offers a balanced start with 4 vCPU cores and 4GB RAM for those stepping into the VPS world. You get 90GB SSD storage, 2 dedicated IPs, and 2TB bandwidth. DDoS protection, free site transfers, and server setup are all part of the package, ensuring a smooth start.
  • VPS 8GB RAM ($24.99/mo after discount): This plan caters to sites with increasing demand. With 8 vCPU cores, 8GB RAM, and a generous 150GB NVMe SSD, it’s built for speed. You benefit from 3 dedicated IPs, limitless bandwidth, and chat and phone support.
  • VPS 12GB RAM ($34.99/mo after discount): Advanced users will appreciate this plan’s beefed-up specs. With 12 vCPU cores, 12GB RAM, and 210GB NVMe SSD, it easily handles heavier web operations. 5 dedicated IPs, boundless bandwidth, and dedicated support ensure your site remains on top.
  • VPS 16GB RAM to VPS 32GB RAM ($44.99 to $74.99/mo after discounts): These are for the heavy hitters. With vCPU cores ranging from 16 to 32, up to 32GB RAM, and SSD storage stretching up to 540GB NVMe, these plans handle the most demanding sites. Each plan offers 10 dedicated IPs, unrestricted bandwidth, and unwavering support.

Dedicated Hosting

When the demands of your online projects peak, Dedicated Hosting by InMotion has the power, performance, and reliability you need. Starting at $89.99/mo, enjoy unbeatable hardware for a reasonable price.

InMotion Hosting Dedicated Server plans
Screenshot taken from InMotion Hosting
  • Aspire ($89.99/mo): A reliable starter with 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB SSD, and a 4 Core/8 Thread Intel® Xeon® E3-1246 v3. You have 1 dedicated IP, a security suite, and 10 cPanel licenses. Exclusive to the Los Angeles, CA Data Center.
  • Essential ($139.99/mo): Offering 32GB DDR4 RAM, 2TB SSD, and an Intel® Xeon® E-2134, this plan accommodates growing needs. You’ll have 5 dedicated IPs, 50GB backup storage, and 20 cPanel licenses. Choose your data center from either the US or EU.
  • Advanced ($189.99/mo): A powerhouse with 64GB DDR4 RAM, 2x1TB SSDs, and a 6 Core/12 Thread Intel® Xeon® E-2136. Enjoy 10 dedicated IPs, 100GB backup storage, and 100 cPanel licenses. Both website transfer & server setup are free, and the data centers cover the US and EU.
  • Elite ($259.99/mo): Pushing the limits with 128GB DDR4 RAM, 2x2TB SSDs, and an 8 Core/16 Thread Intel® Xeon® E-2388G. Offering 15 dedicated IPs, 250GB backup storage, and 100 cPanel licenses. Benefit from server setup and website transfers at no extra charge.
  • CC-1000 ($439.99/mo): Top-tier specs featuring 192GB DDR4 RAM, 2x1TB NVMe SSDs, and a 12 Core/24 Thread Intel® Xeon® Silver 4214. Comes with 20 dedicated IPs, 1TB backup storage, and 100 cPanel licenses. Exclusive to US data centers.
  • CC-2000 ($539.99/mo): A behemoth with 256GB DDR4 RAM, 2x2TB NVMe SSDs, and a Dual Xeon® Silver 4214 with 24 Cores/48 Threads. Enjoy 25 dedicated IPs and the same premium features as the CC-1000.
  • CC-3000 ($739.99/mo): The pinnacle, boasting 512GB DDR4 RAM, 2×3.2TB NVMe SSDs, and a Dual Xeon® Silver 4314 with 32 Cores/64 Threads. It supports up to 10 Gbps unmetered bandwidth with 30 dedicated IPs.

Bottom Line on InMotion Hosting Price and Plans:

When we delved into our InMotion Hosting review, it was clear that they have curated solutions for everyone—from budding bloggers to large enterprises. 

Their NVMe SSD storage ensures fast performance, while their rigorous security protocols ensure the safety of your site. Additionally, the 90-day guarantee is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality.

For those considering a hosting transition or scaling up their e-commerce platform, InMotion offers the necessary tools and unwavering support. Users are assured of robust site performance with their diverse range of plans and the efficiency of their data centers. 

If swift, secure, and dependable hosting is on your agenda, InMotion undoubtedly deserves a top spot in your considerations.

Beyond that, InMotion offers specialized services to cater to diverse needs, ensuring that every website, irrespective of its niche, finds its perfect hosting match.

What InMotion Hosting Does Right - (Strenght)?

  1. Wide Range of Features: InMotion offers expansive features tailored to cater to various hosting needs. This ensures you have all the necessary tools, whether a novice or a seasoned web admin.
  2. Specialized Hosting: Beyond the generic, InMotion offers specialized hosting for popular platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and PrestaShop. This specialization means the servers are optimized for these platforms’ specific nuances and requirements.
  3. Domain Names: With InMotion, users can easily register and manage their domain names, making it a one-stop solution for web presence.
  4. BoldGrid WordPress Website Builder: This feature is a boon for those who want the power of WordPress without getting into the nitty-gritty of coding. BoldGrid is an intuitive website builder built on WordPress, allowing users to design professional websites easily.
  5. Website Transfers: Switching hosting providers can be daunting, but InMotion simplifies this with their website transfer service, ensuring a smooth transition without downtime.
  6. 90-day Money-back Guarantee: In the world of web hosting, where most providers offer a 30-day guarantee, InMotion goes the extra mile by tripling the assurance period. This highlights their trust in the excellence of their service.
  7. Hosting for Everyone: From shared to dedicated hosting, they have curated plans for businesses and individuals of all scales.

Areas InMotion Hosting Can Improve Upon:

  1. Rates: One noticeable drawback is their pricing. While they offer many features, their rates are higher than the industry average. It’s essential to weigh the cost against the features and support provided.
  2. Backup Limitations: Not all plans come with integrated backups. For a service of this caliber, it would be beneficial if backups were a standard feature across all plans.
  3. Limited Server Locations: The distribution of data centers can affect site load times for global audiences. Expanding their server locations could boost site speed for users in regions far from an InMotion data center.
  4. No Integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN): While CDNs aren’t a necessity, they enhance website load times and security. Incorporating an integrated CDN can further bolster their hosting offerings.

By understanding these strengths and potential areas of improvement, you can make an informed decision when considering InMotion Hosting for their web hosting needs.

Performance Review - Is InMotion Hosting Slow?

When choosing a web hosting provider, speed is a primary concern for most users. After all, nobody wants to land on a sluggish site. I set up a test website to gauge how InMotion Hosting fares in this department, complete with WordPress and the Elementor page builder. To evaluate its performance, we used GTmetrix

Good Uptime but No Guarantee

Uptime determines how reliably your website stays online; even a few minutes of downtime can be crucial for businesses. InMotion Hosting offers an uptime of 99.9% for all its hosting packages, but it doesn’t come with a guarantee. This means that if we strictly go by this percentage, you’re looking at a possible monthly downtime of approximately 43 minutes.

However, InMotion Hosting achieved an uptime of 99.85% during our observation period. In our monitoring, two brief outages amounted to 20 minutes of total downtime. While this performance exceeds their advertised promise, potential users must understand that occasional, minor interruptions might still occur. Potential users should be cautious and consider this lack of guarantee when making a hosting decision.

InMotion Hosting server Avg response time for last 7 days

InMotion Hosting Response Time

Moving on to the response time, our tests showed that InMotion Hosting clocked in at an average of 404ms. For context, this metric provides insights into how long it takes for a server to respond to a browser request. While the industry standard for shared hosting hovers around 600ms, InMotion Hosting’s performance is commendable, if slightly trailing behind some top-tier competitors.

Diving Deeper with GTmetrix: Our Findings

InMotion Hosted website performance test via GTMetrix

Now, moving on to the comprehensive analysis. The GTmetrix tool dissected the website’s performance, and here’s what was unearthed:

  • GTmetrix Grade: A spectacular grade of ‘A’ with a 99% performance score. This underscores that InMotion is genuinely optimized for speed.
  • Web Vitals: The Largest Content Paint (LCP) was marked at 770ms, well below the 2.5s threshold Google recommends for a better ranking opportunity. TBT (Total Blocking Time) stood at 61ms, and the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) was a perfect zero, indicating no visible shifts during page load.
  • Page Details: The website performs admirably with a fully loaded time of 3.2 sec. However, the page size seems a tad hefty at 5.42MB, largely attributed to images (3.67MB). The page made 116 requests, with JS scripts making up more than half of them.

What does this mean for the average user?

In simple terms, the website on InMotion Hosting loads quickly. While the website is a bit heavy (thanks to the images), it still manages to perform at a brisk pace. For businesses or bloggers, this means visitors will be on time.

A faster site can improve user engagement and potential sales or conversions. However, it might be worth optimizing those images further and cutting down some JS requests to make things even snappier.

In the big picture, InMotion Hosting showcases sturdy and swift performance suitable for various sites, from personal blogs to medium-scale business websites.

Is InMotion Hosting Secure?

When it comes to the safety of your website, you want to ensure it’s in good hands. Let’s break down what InMotion Hosting offers in terms of security:

Free SSL

Every website today needs an SSL certificate. What’s that? Imagine a protective shield that ensures any information moving between your site and visitors remains private. InMotion provides this shield with every hosting plan at no extra cost. This keeps data safe and gives your site that little lock icon, reassuring visitors that their information is secure.

Hack & Malware Protection

InMotion assures users their sites are protected from unwanted intruders. While the specifics of this protective layer aren’t displayed for customers to tinker with, it’s like having a silent security guard always on the lookout, ensuring the bad guys stay out.


Within the cPanel of InMotion, there’s a feature called ModSecurity. Think of it as your website’s bouncer. It checks everyone coming in and out, making sure no malicious intent sneaks by. And the good news? It’s typically switched on by default.

DDoS Protection by Corero

Websites sometimes face massive traffic attacks intended to overwhelm them. InMotion’s DDoS protection, powered by Corero, works like a traffic controller, preventing your site from getting swamped. This feature is always on, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In an age where passwords can be guessed or leaked, having a second line of defense is priceless. InMotion offers 2FA in cPanel. It’s like needing two keys to open a door, making it difficult for intruders to break in.

Automatic Backups – At a Price

While InMotion provides tools to keep your site safe, sometimes things can go awry. They offer a backup service to restore your site if needed quickly. However, this safety net comes at an additional cost.

Sucuri Security on InMotion Hosting

Sucuri is like a dedicated detective that inspects your website, looking for any suspicious activity or vulnerabilities. When it tried to evaluate InMotion Hosting, it hit a wall. This could be due to InMotion’s tight security layers. Imagine trying to assess the security of a fortress, but the walls are so strong that you can’t even get close.

This suggests that InMotion has stringent filters or security measures in place. The exact reason remains a mystery, as even the hosting support agents seemed unsure. However, the fact that Sucuri couldn’t easily probe InMotion might hint at the hosting platform’s solid defenses.

In conclusion, Is InMotion Hosting secure? Yes, InMotion offers a comprehensive suite of security tools, ensuring robust website protection. With features ranging from Free SSL and DDoS Protection to Hack and malware safeguards, InMotion prioritizes safety. However, while many protections are standard, some, like automatic backups, come at an extra cost.

Does InMotion use cPanel?

Navigating the backend of a hosting service can be daunting, especially for those new to the web world. InMotion Hosting simplifies this journey by employing cPanel, one of the most user-friendly control panels.

Users who sign into InMotion Hosting are greeted with the platform’s native Account Management Panel (AMP). While the AMP and cPanel may share aesthetic similarities, they serve distinct purposes. The AMP is InMotion’s dashboard for managing account details, handling billing, or tweaking domain settings. It’s a centralized hub for all account-related tasks.

Yet, InMotion adds a sprinkle of innovation. Within the AMP, they’ve incorporated features typically in cPanel, like Softaculous for easy software installations or specific email functionalities. This blending might feel unconventional for users accustomed to separate platforms. Still, the intent is to offer quicker access to essential tools.

InMotion Hosting cPanel demo Popular Features
Screenshot taken from InMotion Hosting

For those itching for the comprehensive cPanel experience, it’s nestled within the AMP, a mere click away. InMotion’s cPanel retains its classic structure, ensuring tasks, whether setting up an email or rolling out a WordPress site, are straightforward.

In essence, InMotion Hosting offers the best of both worlds. The familiar interface of cPanel for intricate hosting tasks and the convenience of the AMP for quick account adjustments. Combined with the rapidity of SSD drives, users are assured of an efficient, smooth experience.

For newcomers or those less tech-savvy, the union of AMP and cPanel in InMotion Hosting means easy navigation and efficient website management. It might require a brief adjustment period, but once you get the rhythm, managing your website becomes a walk in the park.

InMotion Hosting Customer Support Review

A reliable hosting service is about more than just speed and uptime but also how promptly and proficiently it can assist when things get tangled. InMotion Hosting positions itself as a reliable partner with its comprehensive customer support.

InMotion U.S.-Based Customer Service Team
Screenshot taken from InMotion Hosting

Always Within Reach

With InMotion Hosting, help is always close. Whether it’s the early hours or midday rush, their U.S.-based support team stands vigilant 24/7, every day. Direct chat is available for those seeking instant answers, but phone support awaits if a more personal touch is desired. For detailed discussions, their ticketing system proves invaluable.

Empowering Users

Support at InMotion isn’t just reactive—it’s proactive. The online support center acts as an educational repository with step-by-step guides. Novices can benefit from their educational channels, making the transition into the hosting world smoother. And the community support forums? A goldmine of shared knowledge and solutions.

Beyond Scripts

What truly distinguishes InMotion Hosting’s customer support is the personal touch. They don’t just stick to scripts. Their team, boasting over 350 experts, tailors their responses to your expertise level. Whether a web veteran or a newcomer, they ensure clarity in communication.

My Experience: How do you talk to someone at InMotion Hosting?

I once contemplated migrating my website and needed clarity, especially concerning WordPress. Initiating a live chat, I was swiftly greeted. After voicing my concerns, the agent assuaged my fears and elaborated on the intricacies of the migration process for a WordPress site. The entire interaction felt genuine, devoid of scripted responses, resonating with a customer’s anxiety.

Key Takeaways

  • InMotion Hosting’s customer support excels in both reactive and proactive assistance.
  • The multi-faceted support channels ensure diverse queries are addressed seamlessly.
  • An expansive resource repository empowers users, from novices to experts.
  • Genuine human interaction, rather than scripted responses, enhances the overall support experience.

What Do Users Say About InMotion Hosting?

When choosing a hosting provider, user reviews are one of the most enlightening sources of information. They provide unfiltered insights into the real-world experiences of users. For InMotion Hosting, we delved into some popular platforms to gauge users’ opinions.

Reddit Users Review: Thoughts on InMotion Hosting

Reddit, known for its candid discussions, offers a mix of perspectives. Some users rank InMotion alongside other top providers, lauding its features while pointing out that there might be cheaper alternatives like DomainRacer.

However, not all experiences echo this sentiment. Several users mentioned issues ranging from billing discrepancies to technical challenges. Frequent downtime and subpar support were among the concerns. 

A particular pain point highlighted was the unexpected and unannounced downtime that seemed to occur with worrying regularity.

Reddit users threads on InMotion Hosting
Reddit user threads on InMotion Hosting

Trustpilot Users Review: Rating 4.03/5

On Trustpilot, InMotion Hosting garnered an overall rating of 4.03/5, with 70% of users showering praise and 20% expressing dissatisfaction.

The positives? Users who’ve been with InMotion for extended periods, some even for a decade, express admiration for the platform’s stellar customer service. They appreciate the competence, dedication, and the extra mile that support goes to resolve issues.

On the flip side, there’s evident frustration about the technical side of things. From email delivery issues to slow WordPress site performance, users felt the pinch. One user said InMotion is “losing its motion,” pointing out increasing prices, declining disk speeds, and server migration challenges.

Yet, amidst the concerns, there’s a consistent acknowledgment of the company’s strengths – its range of services, reasonable pricing, and a customer support team that genuinely tries to help.

Trustpilot user view on InMotion Hosting
Trustpilot user feedback on InMotion Hosting

Key Takeaways:

  • Mixed Reviews: User experiences with InMotion Hosting vary, with some praising its services while others point out technical issues.
  • Commendable Customer Service: One of the consistent positives across platforms is InMotion’s dedication to stellar customer support.
  • Technical Challenges: Several users highlighted concerns like frequent downtimes, slow WordPress performance, and billing discrepancies.
  • Value for Money: While some users find InMotion’s pricing reasonable, others feel that cheaper and more efficient alternatives are available with the technical hitches.
  • Trust Score: On Trustpilot, InMotion garnered an overall positive rating of 4.03/5. However, digging deeper and considering individual reviews for a holistic understanding is essential.

Our Recommendation: What is InMotion Hosting best for?

In our comprehensive InMotion Hosting Review, we’ve explored every nook and cranny of what this hosting provider offers. And here’s our recommendation, specially tailored for beginners navigating the maze of hosting options:

InMotion Hosting positions itself as a dependable player in the hosting arena. It combines a concoction of features catering to newbies and seasoned website developers.

Performance:⭐⭐⭐ InMotion’s hallmark is its stellar performance. The platform consistently showcased rapid load times and impressive stability throughout our assessment. If speed and uptime %99.9 are your priorities, InMotion doesn’t disappoint.

Ease of Use: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ InMotion simplifies the hosting journey. While occasional hitches exist between the Account Management Panel and cPanel, their offerings, like the BoldGrid website builder, ensure that even a novice can craft a professional-looking site.

Security: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ Safety is a priority with InMotion. With its assortment of security measures like free SSL, malware, hack, and DDoS protection, you’re shielded from most online threats. But remember, while the basics are solid, some advanced tools come with a price.

Support: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ Navigating a new hosting platform can be daunting, but InMotion’s support team is mostly commendable. Their extensive knowledge base empowers users to troubleshoot independently. When you need them, the support team is generally knowledgeable and prompt.

Pricing:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ While InMotion isn’t the cheapest on the block, it offers value for money. The comprehensive packages ensure you have most of the tools you need right out of the gate.

So, for whom is InMotion the right fit?

Beginners and those stepping into website development will find InMotion’s user-friendly features a boon. Its speed, security, and reliability make it a strong choice for anyone keen to establish a robust online presence. Suppose you’re seeking a blend of performance, ease of use, and a safety net of decent customer support. In that case, InMotion is worth considering in 2023.

In conclusion, our InMotion Hosting Review suggests this platform is an excellent option for those prioritizing performance, user-friendliness, and security. But as with everything, it’s always wise to consider your requirements before deciding.

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InMotion Hosting Vs Other Web Hosting Services (Alternatives)

Deciding on a web hosting service can take time and effort, especially with many quality options. We’ve explored InMotion Hosting in detail throughout our InMotion Hosting Review, but how does it fare against other top contenders? Let’s briefly look at 12 leading hosting services to compare better.

Comparing with 12 Top Hosting Services

  1. HostGator vs InMotion Hosting: HostGator is popular for its budget-friendly hosting plans. Offering a good balance between cost and performance, it’s a strong competitor. But how does it stack up against InMotion’s features and support? Dive into our detailed comparison of HostGator vs InMotion Hosting.
  2. Hostinger vs InMotion Hosting: Known for its unbeatable prices, Hostinger pays attention to performance. With responsive customer support, you might wonder how it fares against InMotion. Discover the in-depth comparison here.
  3. Bluehost vs InMotion Hosting: Bluehost has made a name for itself with its seamless WordPress integration. Our thorough comparison here can guide your decision if you’re considering these two.
  4. SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting: SiteGround boasts robust performance and top-tier customer service. Are you curious about how it measures up against InMotion? Find out here.
  5. DreamHost vs InMotion Hosting: DreamHost promises great uptime and offers a range of plans. Check our comparative review here to see how it challenges InMotion’s offerings.
  6. A2 Hosting vs InMotion Hosting: A2 Hosting is praised for its turbo servers and speed. If speed is your top priority, compare these hosts here.
  7. Cloudways vs InMotion Hosting: For those leaning towards cloud hosting, Cloudways is a solid contender. Does it overshadow InMotion? Unravel the details here.
  8. Hostwinds vs InMotion Hosting: Hostwinds promises robust services with a range of customizable plans. Dive into our detailed breakdown between Hostwinds and InMotion here.
  9. DigitalOcean vs InMotion Hosting: DigitalOcean is for tech-savvy folks looking for cloud infrastructures. Pondering between this and InMotion’s user-friendly approach? Our comparison here can help.
  10. GoDaddy vs InMotion Hosting: GoDaddy is more than just domain registration. It offers hosting with broad appeal. See how it competes with InMotion here.
  11. Namecheap vs InMotion Hosting: Best known for affordable domains, Namecheap also has a host up its sleeve. Discover how it squares up against InMotion here.
  12. Kinsta vs InMotion Hosting: Kinsta, with its premium WordPress hosting, is in a league of its own. Curious about how it contrasts with InMotion? Delve into our analysis of Kinsta vs InMotion Hosting.

These comparisons can offer more clarity if you’re still on the fence after our InMotion Hosting Review. Whether you’re leaning towards InMotion or considering another host, our detailed breakdowns aim to simplify your choice. For a broader view, explore our 12 top InMotion Hosting alternatives.

FAQs of InMotion Hosting

No, InMotion Hosting is not free. However, they offer a range of competitively priced plans suitable for various needs, from individual bloggers to large businesses.

InMotion Hosting offers a simple one-click WordPress installation process through its control panel. After logging into your account, navigate to the software section and choose the WordPress option. Follow the instructions, and within minutes, you’ll have WordPress installed and ready to use.

No, InMotion Hosting is generally known for its reliable and speedy performance. They use high-quality hardware and provide SSD storage, which ensures faster data retrieval and improved website load times.

The best server choice depends on your website’s requirements. InMotion offers shared VPS, dedicated, and cloud servers. For small sites or blogs, shared hosting is sufficient. VPS or dedicated hosting may be more appropriate for larger businesses or sites with high traffic.

InMotion Hosting is based in the United States, with data centers in Los Angeles, California, and Ashburn, Virginia. Customers can choose their preferred data center location during the signup process.

While the exact number might fluctuate, InMotion Hosting serves hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, ranging from individual bloggers to large businesses.

Customers can cancel their InMotion Hosting account anytime within the money-back guarantee period to receive a full refund. After the guarantee period, cancellations are pro-rated.


InMotion Hosting is among the top choices for affiliate marketing due to its reliability, speed, and excellent support. Their plans are flexible and can cater to the unique demands of affiliate marketers.


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