Hostinger Review [2024]: Best for WordPress Sites?

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Hostinger Review

In this Hostinger review, amidst a market jamming with hosting options, you might wonder, “Is there a host that balances affordability, efficiency, and user-friendliness?” Hostinger breaks through with a promise to meet these demands.

Serving over 29 million customers globally, it’s not just about their vast reach; it’s the quality of service they uphold. From shared hosting and WordPress plans to cloud and VPS hosting, their spectrum of services speaks volumes. But they’re not all sunshine and rainbows!

While they offer swift load times and sturdy security measures, users have noted areas for improvement in daily backups and the dependability of their live support. If you’re eyeing affordable yet reliable web hosting with the occasional hiccup, Hostinger sits among the top contenders.

Hostinger web hosting review 2022Hostinger web hosting review 2022
Hostinger All in one Web Hosting - $2.99/monHostinger All in one Web Hosting - $2.99/mon
Hostinger Security FeaturesHostinger Security Features
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Hostinger Rating

4. 0 /5


Hostinger Pros and Cons



81% off on 4 years plan

Hostinger Overview

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Manage WordPress Hosting

Fast, Secure & Reliable

Website server file storage - icon

SSD Storage

100GB - 200GB

Website Monthly Traffic -icon

Monthly traffic

27.33M Visits

Money back guarantee icon

Money Back Guarantee

30 days

General Features
Starting Price
Free Domain
WordPress Installation
Free 1-click
Staging Environment
Site Migrations
Customer Support
Phone Support
Live Chat
Ticket Support
Multisite Support
Uptime Guarantee
Avg Response Time
Data Centers
Eu, US, UK, & Asia
Firewall DDoS Protection
SSL Certificates
Automatic Backups
7 Days
Malware Scanning
Hack Fix Guarantee
WHOIS Domain Privacy
Ease to use
Optimization Tools
PHP Versions
Website Builder
Hostinger Pricing details
Web Hosting
Cloude Hosting
$8.99- $29.99/mon*
VPS Hosting
$5.99- $21.99/mon*
WordPress Hosting
Same as Web Hosting
Up to 75% off + 2 Months Free!
Hostinger vertical white Logo with blue background
WordPress Hosting
Up to 75% off Hosting + Website Builder!
Hostinger brings you an exclusive deal: Enjoy up to 78% off on hosting packages bundled...Show More
Hostinger brings you an exclusive deal: Enjoy up to 78% off on hosting packages bundled with a powerful website builder! Whether you're a novice or an expert, Hostinger's user-friendly tools and reliable hosting services are designed to fuel your online success at unbeatable prices. Don’t miss big discounts + 2 extra months FREE with a 48 month plan. Show Less
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What is Hostinger, and who owns it?

Diving into its roots, Hostinger sprouted in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania, growing from a small startup to a global player with 1000+ employees across 54 countries. Originally named Hosting Media, it’s the brainchild behind 000WebHost, Hosting24, and WebLink.

Hostinger Review
Screenshot taken from Hostinger

In a bold move, German entrepreneurs Jochen Berger and Thomas Strohe stepped in, acquiring a substantial share and steering the company towards newer horizons. 

Not just a mere hosting service, Hostinger stands tall with a commitment to empowering creators worldwide through high-quality, affordable hosting solutions.

Their collaboration with Google Cloud hints at their dedication to continuous advancement, making them a notable force in the hosting sphere.

Is Hostinger a Good Company? (Quick Snapshot)

Hostinger excels as a key player in the web hosting sphere and is renowned for its blend of reliability and user-centric solutions. The cornerstone of its success lies in its superior performance, ensuring rapid website loading times courtesy of its advanced technology and multiple data centers.

Safety is a non-negotiable aspect for Hostinger, providing robust security measures like SSL certificates, frequent backups, and constant monitoring, all designed to safeguard your digital domain.

What truly makes Hostinger shine is its cost-effectiveness. Their plans are accessible, ensuring no one has to break the bank to obtain quality hosting services. This approach appeals universally, from novices to business moguls, all seeking quality without financial strain.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the occasional feedback regarding customer support delays. While it slightly tarnishes the overall experience, it’s a relatively small concern for a company holding a strong position in the competitive hosting market.

Hostinger Plans and Pricing

Hostinger offers different hosting services, and web hosting stands out for its popularity and affordability. Hostinger’s web hosting starts at the cheapest price of $1.99 per month with up to an 80% discount. Alongside this, you’ll find

  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Titan email hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the foundational service for anyone looking to launch a website. It’s about making your website accessible to the global audience via the internet. 

With Hostinger’s web hosting, you’re not just getting space on the internet but investing in performance, reliability, and security.

Hostinger Web Hosting
Screenshot taken form Hostinger

With Hostinger’s web hosting, you get an optimal blend of cost-effectiveness and premium features, setting the stage for a successful online venture.


1. Single Web Hosting: Ideal for those just starting their online journey, the Single plan is priced at a modest $1.39/month. It offers 10GB of SSD storage and a bandwidth of 100 GB. It is tailored for individuals with small sites or personal blogs. It provides all the essential features, including one email account.

2. Premium: At $2.59/month, it offers enhanced features like unlimited bandwidth, 20GB SSD storage, and hosting for up to 100 websites. With a free domain included, it’s geared towards growing personal projects and small businesses.

3. Business: At $4.09/month, it’s tailored for SMEs. Boosted with 100GB of storage, daily backups, and free SSL, this plan ensures optimal performance for e-commerce or dynamic sites.

4. Starter: Starting at $3.49/month, it’s a balanced choice for those exploring the world of websites, offering essential features without overwhelming the user.

Benefits: Hostinger’s web hosting plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With their LiteSpeed-powered infrastructure, websites load faster, which improves the user experience.

Cloud Hosting

If you’re looking for a hosting solution that meets the demands of today’s dynamic online landscape, cloud hosting by Hostinger is your answer. Imagine a hosting environment that grows with your website, ensuring you never experience downtime during those crucial traffic spikes. 

That’s what Hostinger’s cloud hosting brings to the table for you. It’s not just about advanced technology; it’s about ensuring your website always delivers the best experience for your visitors.

With Hostinger, you’re not just getting a service; you’re securing a promise of consistency, speed, and adaptability for your audience.

Hostinger cloud hosting packages
Screenshot taken from Hostinger
  1. Cloud Startup: Are you seeing an uptick in your website traffic? The Cloud Startup plan, priced at $9.99/month, is tailored just for you. With 3GB RAM, 200GB SSD storage, and 2 CPU cores, it ensures your growing audience enjoys a seamless browsing experience. The added peace of mind with daily backups and a dedicated IP ensures that you’re always ready, no matter how fast your audience grows.
  2. Cloud Professional: For those of you who’ve already built a substantial online community, Hostinger’s Cloud Professional plan at $14.99/month is designed to keep up with your pace. Equipped with 4 CPU cores, 6GB RAM, and 250GB SSD storage, it ensures that every visitor enjoys a lag-free experience on your site no matter the wave.
  3. Cloud Enterprise: If you’re at the helm of a large-scale operation or a bustling e-commerce platform, the Cloud Enterprise plan, available for $29.99/month, is your perfect partner. With 12GB RAM, 300GB SSD storage, and 6 CPU cores, this plan ensures that even the most massive traffic influx is handled smoothly and ensures each visitor feels valued and catered to.

    Benefits: Cloud hosting offers dedicated resources. This ensures consistent performance, making it ideal for websites with high traffic or resource-intensive tasks.

VPS Hosting

For those of you who prioritize control, customization, and dedicated resources, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is your go-to solution. Hostinger’s VPS hosting offers you a private space in the digital realm, ensuring that your website’s performance isn’t impacted by other websites sharing the same server. 

If you’re a business owner, developer, or website manager looking to level up, VPS hosting gives you the power and independence you crave. 

With Hostinger, you’re not just getting a slice of the server; you’re getting a platform that ensures your audience enjoys a consistent and fast browsing experience every single time.

VPS Hosting Plans
Screenshot taken from Hostinger
  1. VPS 1 (KVM1): Perfect for newcomers or small-scale projects, the VPS 1 plan is pocket-friendly at $3.95/month. Offering 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, and 1 vCPU, it provides dedicated resources to ensure your website runs smoothly, even if it’s just starting to gain traction.

  2. VPS 2 (KVM2): Tailored for websites with a growing audience, the VPS 2 plan, priced at $8.95/month, is the next step up. With 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD storage, and 2 vCPUs, it’s designed to easily handle increased traffic, ensuring your visitors have a seamless experience.

  3. VPS 3 (KVM3): If your website is becoming a hotspot for traffic, the VPS 3 plan at $12.95/month is your ideal match. This plan can manage larger audiences with 3GB RAM, 60GB SSD storage, and 3 vCPUs, ensuring every user interaction is smooth and responsive.

  4. VPS 4 (KVM4): The VPS 4 plan is the perfect choice for big players and high-traffic websites, which is available for $15.95/month. With 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD storage, and 4 vCPUs, this plan is all about delivering top-tier performance consistently.

    Benefits: VPS hosting offers greater control and dedicated resources. It’s ideal for developers or businesses running resource-intensive applications.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Ensuring optimal performance is crucial if you’re among the millions using WordPress to showcase your content, products, or services. Hostinger’s Managed WordPress Hosting is designed precisely for this.

Managed WordPress hosting from Hostinger is specifically designed to optimize WordPress websites for speed, security, and simplicity.

By choosing Hostinger’s Managed WordPress Hosting, you’re opting for a hassle-free WordPress experience, where technicalities like updates, backups, and optimizations are handled by experts, letting you focus on creating great content and engaging with your audience.

  1. Professional: The Professional plan, available at $2.99/month, is the perfect starting point for new bloggers or small businesses using WordPress. It provides 30GB SSD storage, ensuring quick load times, and can easily accommodate up to 100,000 monthly visitors. With features like LiteSpeed cache and 100 email accounts, this plan ensures that even new websites can deliver professional-level performance.
  2. Business: At $3.99/month, the Business plan is tailored for growing WordPress sites. It offers a generous 100GB SSD storage, catering to websites that have richer content or more significant traffic. Capable of handling up to 300,000 monthly visitors, this plan also provides daily backups, free CDN, and 200 email accounts, ensuring that as your business grows, your website remains robust and efficient.
  3. Cloud Startup: For the most demanding WordPress sites, the Cloud Startup plan, available at $9.99/month, is the pinnacle of managed hosting. Combining the best of cloud and WordPress, it provides 3GB RAM and 200GB SSD storage and can comfortably cater to 600,000 monthly visitors. This plan is not just about resources; it’s about premium features like dedicated IP, 2 CPU cores, and unlimited email accounts, which make it a top choice for high-traffic blogs, e-commerce sites, or extensive online platforms.

    Benefits: With Hostinger’s Managed WordPress Hosting, users get optimized speed, automated updates, and expert care, ensuring a hassle-free WordPress experience tailored for growth and content delivery.

Hostinger has the affordable renewal prices. Hostinger’s monthly renewal costs are $3.99 for Business plan WordPress hosting. Suppose you buy this plan for 48 months. 

After a 75% discount and a free domain name in the first year, the cost is only $3.99 a month. The package then automatically renews for $8.99 each month. The total amount will be $191.52/yr after saving $576.

It is a highly recommended deal because one of their competitor, Bluehost, charges $$268.20/yr upon renewal.

Hostinger Domains

  • .com $0.99. Renews at $13.99
  • .info $3.99. Renews at $19.99
  • .store $0.99. Renews at $51.99
  • .org $9.99. Renews at $15.99
  • .net $12.99. Renews at $13.99

What Hostinger Does Right - (Strength)

Free Private Domain Registration

One of the first victories for any website owner is securing a domain name, and Hostinger recognizes this pivotal moment. They offer free domain registration, removing the initial financial hurdle. 

This gesture is not just about savings; it’s about making a commitment-free entry into website ownership possible. This benefit is particularly valuable for those new to the digital space, wary of initial investments, and cautious about their online ventures.

Hosting for Every Business - Fantastically Affordable Features

Hostinger’s charm lies in its universal appeal. Small businesses, burgeoning startups, and growing enterprises find solace in Hostinger’s diverse hosting plans. The feature-rich, affordable options challenge the notion that quality comes at a high price. 

It’s not about cutting corners; it’s about smart resource allocation, ensuring businesses don’t overextend financially while laying their digital foundations.

Hostinger Website Builder

Building a website often requires coding knowledge, but Hostinger flips the script with its intuitive website builder. Here, creativity takes center stage as users, especially those lacking technical expertise, find themselves crafting professional-looking sites with ease. 

It’s about breaking down barriers and transforming the complex process into a pleasant stroll through digital parklands.

Storage, Bandwidth, and Daily Backups

In the digital space, the fear of losing data is palpable. Hostinger quells these anxieties with generous storage, ample bandwidth, and, most importantly, daily backups. 

This trio of features works tirelessly in the background, much like unsung heroes, ensuring the website runs smoothly, loads quickly, and recovers promptly from any mishaps.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Trust is a two-way street, and Hostinger’s 30-day money-back guarantee exemplifies this. It’s more than a safety net; it’s a testament to service quality, underscoring their confidence and solidifying user trust. This period allows users to explore, experiment, and, if needed, exit with their investment, setting a standard in consumer respect.

Clear and Easy to Start

The road to launching a website can be fraught with confusion. Yet, Hostinger streamlines this with a clear, straightforward setup process. New users find solace in simplicity, turning what could be a convoluted mess into a smooth, welcoming experience. 

It’s like having a compass in the wilderness, directing you exactly where you need to go without unnecessary detours.

Website Transfer

Website transfer can often be a nightmare, tangled in technical jargon and potential data loss. Hostinger, however, offers a seamless transition for those wishing to migrate their sites, handling the heavy lifting and minimizing downtime. 

It’s akin to offering a safety harness as you cross a treacherous ravine, ensuring you reach the other side unscathed.

Screenshot taken from hostinger

WordPress Focused

WordPress optimization is another feather in Hostinger’s cap. They don’t just offer WordPress hosting; they specialize in it. Tailored solutions, from unique server configurations to specialized customer support, cater to the WordPress community. 

It’s like providing a gourmet meal in a world of fast food, crafted with care and served with excellence.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Professionalism in communication is paramount, and Hostinger’s unlimited email accounts feature facilitates this. Businesses can create numerous email addresses, promoting a coherent brand image. It’s not just about quantity; 

it’s a strategic move, ensuring every department, team member, or campaign communicates under the brand umbrella, reinforcing professional integrity.

Areas Hostinger Can Improve Upon - (Weakness)

Additional Charges and Aggressive Upselling

Despite its stellar offerings, Hostinger has room for improvement with its upselling tactics. Some users feel cornered by frequent prompts to upgrade services, marring the user experience. 

It’s akin to walking through a mall only to be persistently coaxed into stores by over-enthusiastic salespeople. A more subtle approach could enhance the overall customer journey.

Not Stellar Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of any service industry, and users have noted that Hostinger’s support team can be a mixed bag. The wait times and quality of support can sometimes turn a minor hiccup into a grueling marathon for solutions. 

Improving this aspect is akin to providing a well-cushioned pair of running shoes, ensuring a comfortable journey for every user.

Missing Features on Budget Plans

Budget plans are crucial for those trying to maintain financial discipline, but with Hostinger, these plans sometimes miss essential features. It’s like buying a sundae and realizing it doesn’t come with your favorite toppings. 

Including these small yet significant features could sweeten the deal for users on a budget, enhancing Hostinger’s appeal across all tiers.

Performance Metrics: How Fast is Hostinger? - Live Test

When choosing a web hosting service, performance can make or break your website’s success. Hostinger promises speed and reliability, but does it deliver? We put it to the test with our website, and here’s our no-nonsense breakdown.

Hostinger- Lightning Performance
Screenshot taken from Hostinger

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Consistency is Hostinger’s middle name. Our monitoring over several months reflected an impressive 100% uptime in the last 7 days, with an average response time of 877ms. 

While no host can guarantee perfection, Hostinger’s promise of 99.9% uptime isn’t just marketing fluff. It means your website is in reliable hands, ensuring your visitors aren’t greeted with annoying downtime.

Hostinger Uptime Guarantee %99.9

Page Speed and Response Time

Using GTMetrix, we assessed how our test site performed, and the results were eye-opening. With a ‘B’ grade performance and a fully loaded time of just 2.5 seconds, Hostinger is clearly in the fast lane. 

Despite the use of WordPress and Elementor, which can add heft, pages loaded swiftly, keeping impatient click-aways at bay.

Testing with GTmetrix: Our Findings

Hostinger performance analysis on Gtmetrix

Diving deep into the website’s actual performance, we utilized the analytical prowess of GTmetrix. Here’s the breakdown:

  • GTmetrix Grade: Earning a ‘B’ grade on our site test demonstrated a solid performance score of 81%. It’s a testament to Hostinger’s balanced offering – not just keeping your site online but ensuring it’s sprinting like a well-trained athlete.
  • Web Vitals: The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) registered at 1.9s, comfortably under the 2.5s Google recommends for optimal user experience and SEO health.
    Total Blocking Time (TBT) stood at an impressive 0ms, and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) also scored a perfect zero, indicating no unexpected layout changes—crucial for a professional-looking site.
  • Page Details: The nitty-gritty reveals a fully loaded time of 2.5s, with a lean total page size of 24.8KB, avoiding the bloat that slows many sites down. The breakdown was as follows: HTML at 14.4KB, JS requiring 7.31KB, CSS at 1.96KB, and other resources taking 1.18 KB.
    Only 7 requests were needed to load the entire site, highlighting the efficiency of resource usage with Hostinger. 

This concise snapshot from GTmetrix illustrates Hostinger’s competency in delivering a robust, agile website. By excelling in critical areas impacting user experience and search ranking, Hostinger positions itself as a reliable partner for your online presence.

Does Hostinger use LiteSpeed cache?

Speed matters and Hostinger isn’t playing around. They utilize LiteSpeed cache, a high-performance site acceleration tool. This tech-savvy move significantly improves loading times, making your website browsing smooth and responsive. It’s like giving your site a pair of sleek running shoes!

For fast page loading speed, Hostinger offers

  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • LSCWP cache plugin
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Hostinger CDN, which helps your website increase speed by up to 40%

HOSTINGER Data Centers

Location, location, location! Hostinger’s global server presence is a massive win for site speed. With multiple data centers across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, you can pick the one closest to your audience. It’s like having a local bakery deliver fresh cookies straight to your door – quick and satisfying!

In the end, Hostinger impresses with its performance. It isn’t just about their technology; it’s about the peace of mind you get, knowing your site’s performance is armored and your visitors are happy. So, are you ready to make the fast move with Hostinger?

Hostinger offers US, South America, Europe, and Asia data centers. So, wherever you or your readers are located, Hostinger data centers keep your website page loading speed fast.

Hostinger Review - is it easy to use?

Hostinger has established itself as a household name in the world of web hosting. One of the factors that often pops up when discussing Hostinger is its ease of use.

Hostinger designs their hPanel. When logging into Hostinger, you’re greeted with a clean and organized dashboard. Unlike the local cPanels used by many providers, Hostinger keeps it simple. Even beginners can navigate its features with ease.

Beyond manual site management, hPanel shines with its one-click installers. This feature is a boon for getting their site up quickly.

iBlogo- Hostinger- WordPress Easy
Screenshot taken from Hostinger

One of Hostinger’s standout features is its one-click installations. Whether you’re setting up WordPress, Joomla, or any other platform, you can install it with just one click without diving into technical complications. This feature is perfect for those looking to get their site up quickly.

Hostinger offers website migration for free. Website migration, often a difficult task, is straightforward with Hostinger. Their team provides dedicated support, ensuring a smooth transition. This means minimal downtime and a hassle-free experience for users.

Furthermore, their in-house website builder is perfect for those who need to be well-versed in web design. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows users to create professional-looking sites without any coding knowledge. With Hostinger, creating and managing a website is accessible to everyone.

How do I access cPanel in Hostinger?

Hostinger hPanel

Gaining access to cPanel on Hostinger is a breeze. Once you’ve selected and purchased a suitable hosting plan:

  1. Log into your Hostinger account.
  2. In your dashboard, you’ll find the cPanel link. Click on it, and you’ll be taken straight to your cPanel interface.
  3. From here, you can access an array of tools and features, all designed to make website management smooth sailing.

    For those on a budget, Hostinger often offers promotional prices on their hosting plans, ensuring you get quality service without burning a hole in your wallet.

How can you enable the WordPress dashboard on hPanel?

Now, let’s talk about hPanel, Hostinger’s version of a control panel. It’s tailor-made for ease of use, especially for those who aren’t too tech-savvy.For WordPress enthusiasts, integrating your site with hPanel is straightforward:Navigate to the hosting section within your Hostinger account.
How to enable WordPress in Hostinger hPanel?

Look for the WordPress option and select it.

WordPress Installation on Hostinger hpanel

Input your domain, then hit Detect.

Hostinger WordPress detect

Input your domain, then hit Detect. In a short while (usually about 10 minutes), your WordPress dashboard will integrate with hPanel. This means you can manage your website and hosting all from one central place.

Does Hostinger have security?

Hostinger puts a high priority on keeping websites and user data safe. With increasing online threats, Hostinger offers top-tier security features to protect your websites from danger. These security features help users feel more secure and ensure that their websites and information are protected.

Hostinger Security Features

SSL certificates

One of the common and important security features Hostinger provides is SSL certificates. These certificates ensure a secure and encrypted connection between a user’s browser and the server, making it safe for users to submit sensitive information like login credentials or credit card details.

Automatic malware scanner

Their automatic malware scanner works round the clock, checking for potential threats. If malicious software is detected, it’s flagged for quick action to prevent breaches and data loss.

Advanced web application firewall

The advanced web application firewall is a barrier between a website and its incoming traffic. It filters out and blocks malicious requests. This ensures only legitimate traffic reaches the site. It helps prevent harmful intrusions.

Daily backups

Furthermore, Hostinger offers daily backups. This feature is essential as it allows users to restore their site to a recent state if any accidents occur. It minimizes potential downtime or data loss.

Enhanced DDoS protection

To fight Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which aim to overload servers with excessive fake traffic, Hostinger has implemented enhanced DDoS protection. This system detects and prevents such attacks and ensures the website stays operational and available.

Free Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection

In the end, Hostinger offers free Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection to protect user privacy. This feature hides personal domain registration details from public view, reducing the risk of spam or potential identity theft.

If you’re concerned about account access, the secure access manager is a noteworthy feature. It manages access to the hosting account to ensure that only authorized individuals can gain entry.

While Hostinger offers many security features, users should always stay updated and alert since no system can guarantee absolute protection. It’s a combination of these robust security features and user awareness that creates the most secure environment.

Does Hostinger have 24/7/365 Customer Support?

Certainly! Hostinger excels in its customer support offering, making it a top choice for many website owners. Here’s a breakdown of the support options they provide:

  1. Live Chat:
    Hostinger offers a round-the-clock live chat. This means whether you have a burning question at noon or a technical hiccup at midnight, there’s a team ready to assist you. The chat responses are generally swift, often taking less than a few minutes, and the support team is both well-informed and courteous.
  2. Email Ticket Support:
    If you aren’t in a rush or prefer detailed correspondence, you can reach out to Hostinger through their ticketing system. Though they lack a direct phone line, the quality of their email support often compensates for it. Send your concerns to, and you can expect a reply typically within a day.
  3. Knowledge Base:
    For those who enjoy figuring things out on their own, Hostinger has a comprehensive knowledge base. This library contains articles, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides. Whether you’re facing an issue with your control panel or need tips on software installation, their resourceful base is likely to have an answer.

    To sum it up, Hostinger’s support is top-notch. The team is adept, pleasant, and consistently strives to resolve your concerns promptly. The absence of phone support might be a drawback for some, but their vast range of online resources often makes up for it.

iBlogo- Hostinger 24/7 WordPress Support
Screenshort taken from Hostinger

My Experience With Hostinger Customer Support:

As with any service, there are highs and lows. Hostinger’s support team, though generally efficient, had its shortcomings during my interaction.

I once wanted to upgrade my WordPress plan and decided to approach them through live chat. To my dismay, I was kept waiting for an hour before getting a response. And when I did, I was told my concern would be passed to another team – resulting in more waiting. 

During this period, my website faced downtime, adding to the stress. Although I tried reaching out, I encountered repeated delays and a lack of clarity from their end.

What added to my frustration was receiving a mail ten days later suggesting a solution I had already implemented out of desperation. The lack of prompt communication was a downside. The silver lining? Hostinger’s vast knowledge base and tutorials came to my rescue during this period.

However, for those considering Hostinger, bear in mind their lack of phone support. While their other services are commendable, improvements in live chat efficiency would be a welcome change.

What Do Users Say About Hostinger?

To get an unbiased perspective of Hostinger, I delved into users’ experiences shared on popular platforms like Reddit and Trustpilot. Here’s what I found:

Reddit Users: Surely Hostinger can't be THAT bad?

A prevalent sentiment among Redditors is that Hostinger offers an unbeatable price. One user remarked on the incredible value, noting how they secured 4 years of shared hosting for just $45, which is hard to ignore.

For beginners or those on a tight budget, such as students, this price point is a significant draw.

Another Redditor shared their journey as a novice, explaining that while Hostinger’s rates were temptingly cheap for a starter blog, the performance was a tad sluggish. 

Nevertheless, they appreciated the budget-friendly nature of the platform, especially given the uncertainty of a new venture.

A few users praised Hostinger’s user-friendly interface and were puzzled by the mixed reviews they read online. They felt the service was straightforward and efficient.

Reddit feedback on Hostinger
Reddit feedback on Hostinger

However, there was a common thread of concern about Hostinger’s ethical approach. A Redditor highlighted the challenge of navigating the hosting industry, suggesting that many hosting companies, not just Hostinger, tend to manipulate facts in their favor.

Trustpilot Users: Can I trust Hostinger?

Trustpilot paints a varied picture of Hostinger with a rating of 4.6/5.

Many users shared glowing reviews, with one praising Hostinger for being a breath of fresh air after multiple disappointments with other hosting services. 

They commended the efficient customer service that responded in a timely manner, coupled with the easy-to-manage dashboard and security features.

Another user celebrated a year with Hostinger and highlighted the top-tier servers and unbeatable live chat support. They also pointed out that the services come at a fraction of the cost compared to other providers.

But, as with any service, there were disgruntled users. A few users were deeply unsatisfied, reporting issues like unexplained suspensions, delays in problem resolution, and concerns about billing.

Some even advised potential customers to stay clear of the platform, sharing experiences of VPS crashes and disputes over domain suspensions.

Trustpilot negative feedback on Hostinger
Trustpilot positive feedback on Hostinger


Hostinger, like any platform, has its share of supporters and critics. Its budget-friendly pricing is its most celebrated feature, especially for beginners.

However, potential users should keep in mind the varied opinions and be aware of the mixed feedback concerning performance, ethical concerns, and customer support responsiveness.

Remember, every hosting platform will have its pros and cons. The key is to identify which factors are most important to you and make an informed choice based on that.

Our Recommendation: What is Hostinger best suited for?

Our in-depth Hostinger review explored what makes this web hosting provider stand out. Here’s our assessment of what Hostinger is best suited for:

  • Affordability and Value (5/5): With its competitive pricing, starting at just $1.79/month, Hostinger is ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly yet high-quality hosting solution. It stands out in the market for providing excellent features at a fraction of the cost.
  • Ease of Use (5/5): Thanks to its user-friendly hPanel, Hostinger is particularly well-suited for beginners. The intuitive interface and straightforward setup process make it a top choice for those new to website creation and hosting.
  • Performance (4/5): Hostinger doesn’t compromise on performance. With its reliable uptime, fast loading speeds, and robust traffic handling, it’s suited for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a hosting service that keeps their site running smoothly.
  • Customer Support (3/5): Hostinger’s responsive and helpful 24/7 customer support makes it a reliable choice for users who value timely assistance and guidance. But our experience shows us there are many areas that need improvement.
  • Security (4/5): While Hostinger covers essential security needs, its offerings are more basic. It’s suitable for standard sites, but those requiring advanced protection might need to consider additional measures.
Hostinger vertical white Logo with blue background Up to 75% off + 2 Months Free!
Up to 75% off Hosting + Website Builder!
WordPress Hosting
Hostinger brings you an exclusive deal: Enjoy up to 78% off on hosting packages bundled with a powerful website builder! Whether you're a novice or an expert, Hostinger's user-friendly tools and reliable hosting services are designed to fuel your online success at unbeatable prices. Don’t miss big discounts + 2 extra months FREE with a 48 month plan.

Conclusion: Who Should Choose Hostinger?

Given its strengths, Hostinger is particularly well-suited for beginners, bloggers, and small to medium-sized businesses. Its affordable plans make it an excellent choice for those starting their digital journey or operating on a tight budget. 

Furthermore, its performance and ease of Use make it a reliable option for small businesses looking to establish a robust online presence.

In summary, Hostinger is best suited for those who need an affordable, user-friendly, and reliable hosting service – especially if they’re working with WordPress. Its offerings provide a solid foundation for a wide range of web projects, making it a top contender in the hosting world.

FAQs of Hostinger

There are a few hosting options you might look at besides Hostinger, like Bluehost or SiteGround. Your best choice depends on what you need – like top-notch customer help from Bluehost or strong security from SiteGround. Always compare prices, features, and reviews to find the right fit for you.

Absolutely. Hostinger offers cPanel, a user-friendly interface that simplifies website management. If the thought of managing a website has ever daunted you, cPanel is your user-friendly ally. It streamlines everything from creating email accounts to managing databases.

Yes, Hostinger can manage websites with a lot of traffic, especially with their Cloud and VPS hosting plans. They use technologies like LiteSpeed Web Servers and Cloudflare CDN to ensure websites load quickly and can deal with many visitors. But, if you have a super busy website, make sure to pick a plan with enough resources to keep things running smoothly.

To get your free SSL on Hostinger, go to the hPanel after buying a hosting plan. Look for the “SSL” section, and you’ll see a button to turn on SSL for your domains. Click “Activate,” and SSL will be set up for your chosen domain. Remember, Hostinger provides free SSL certificates with some plans to help you secure your website without extra costs.

Hostinger is one of the providers which supports hosting multiple domains. Customers can host up to 100 domains on most hosting plans, even at an entry-level price of $2.99 per month.

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