Kinsta vs OVHcloud: Which is Better in 2024?

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Kinsta vs OVHcloud

Choosing the right web hosting can feel like a big task. Today, we’re diving into a showdown between two giants: Kinsta vs OVHcloud. If you’re on the hunt for a web host, this guide’s got you covered on pricing, speed, support, and security. 

Kinsta uses Google Cloud to give you a fast site. It’s great for WordPress users who want a smooth experience. OVHcloud offers good deals and services worldwide. It’s known for being affordable and flexible.

If you’re starting out or running a website in the USA, knowing which to pick matters. We’ll compare their prices, how easy they are to use, and what they offer. This way, you’ll know which host fits your needs best. 

Let’s dive in and find the best host for you.

Kinsta vs Ovh Cloud Overview

Core Features
Ovh Cloud
Starting Price
Starting Price
Free Domain
Free Domain
Premium Manage WordPress Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Disk Space
Disk Space
10GB - 250GB
100GB - Unlimited
Monthly Traffic
Monthly Traffic
25,000 - 2,500,000 visits
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
30 days
30 days
Server Location
Server Location
West Hollywood, California, US
Roubaix, France
General Features
Site Migrations
WordPress Installation
1 click
1 click
Staging Environment
1 - 150
Customer Support
Phone Support
Live Chat
Ticket Support
Multisite Support
Uptime Guarantee
Free CDN
Avg Response Time
DDoS Protection
Anti-DDoS protection
SSL Certificates
Free Wildcard
Automatic Backups
14 - 30 days
Malware Scanning
Hack Fix Guarantee
WHOIS Domain Privacy
Ease of use
MyKinsta Dashboard
Custom Built
Optimization Tools
PHP Versions
Website Builder
Kinsta Pricing & Hosting Types
Managed WordPress
$35 - $1650
$350 - $16,500
Application - Standard
$20 - $320
$18 - $3250
Same as Managed WordPress
$350 - $16,500
OVHCloud Pricing & Hosting Types
Web hosting
$1.04 - $13.19
VPS hosting
$0.97 - $41.40
Dedicated servers
$62.43 - $196.53
Cloud hosting (Public)
$29.04 - $429

Over all Winner

Kinsta logo blue background

Kinsta Rating

4. 9 /5




4 month free WordPress hosting

Close Second

Blue background OvhCloud logo

OVHcloud Rating

2. 3 /5




Upto 50% off on Dedicated Server
Best Deal

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Kinsta Vs OVHcloud

Comparing Pricing and Plans

OVHcloud and Kinsta are two huge web hosting companies that offer high-quality services. Both Kinsta and OVHcloud offer several different plans and pricing options. 

However, the plans offered by both companies are very similar. Both provide unlimited bandwidth, storage, and traffic. Both also offer a free domain name for the first year. Furthermore, both companies offer unlimited email accounts. 

Both companies have an extensive network of servers located around the world. That means your website can access the resources it needs regardless of location.

Kinsta Plans And Pricing

Kinsta offers a wide range of features as well. They include a free CDN, storage, free website migration, free WordPress installation, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Kinsta also offers a free website builder. 

That allows you to create a website without having any coding skills. Also, if you buy annual plans, you’ll get free plans for two months. Kinsta’s plans are the most flexible in the industry. Kinsta provides only one hosting plan.

WordPress Hosting
WordPress hosting is an important part of running a successful blog. Without the proper platform, your blog may never reach the popularity it deserves. Fortunately, several companies provide excellent WordPress hosting services. 

However, many of these services are expensive, and some offer limited features. Luckily, Kinsta offers a variety of features in a cost-effective package. WordPress hosting plans will give you free WordPress installs, disk space, monthly visits, backups, site cloning, and free migrations. 

They also offer upgrades and migrations, so your site will always be up-to-date and secure. Moreover, you’ll get free plans for two months if you buy annual plans.

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Packages

OVHcloud Plans And Pricing

OVHcloud is a company that offers various services to businesses, from domain name registration to website hosting. Other services offered by the company include web design and virtual servers. OVHcloud is the most popular cloud hosting provider in Europe. OVHcloud offers various cloud hosting solutions based on several different packages, from shared web hosting to fully managed to host. Each package provides different types of features. OVHcloud hosting plans provide email, WordPress, a free SSL certificate, storage, and domains, which millions of people use worldwide. OVHcloud provides three types of hosting.

  • VPS Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting
A virtual private server (VPS) is used to host websites (e-commerce, content, visual media) and software applications (portals, extranets, collaborative solutions, wikis, CRM). 

Instead of sharing your hard drive space with other customers, you own your VPS completely and only share your Internet bandwidth with other customers using a VPN service. 

A VPS is perfect for almost any use, combining reliability with the performance and flexibility of a dedicated server but without the challenges of managing a server’s physical hardware.

OVHCloud WordPress VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing
OVHCloud WordPress VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing

Web Hosting
Web hosting is a technology that enables you to view website content; without it, there would be no internet. Hosting refers to the storage space on a server used to put a website online. 

That makes the website’s content available to all visitors. It would be great if you could host complicated applications and websites on a resource-intensive infrastructure. 

The DNS is what links a domain to an IP address. That’s your online identity, and when someone uses your URL or a part of your domain name in their browser, the DNS connects them to this address and allows everyone to find your website. 

Hosting services are offered by companies such as OVHcloud and dedicated servers and are affordable and easy to set up and maintain. Many companies provide customer support, so you don’t have to worry about technical problems when setting up and maintaining your sites and applications.

OVHCloud Web Hosting Features Comparison
OVHCloud Web Hosting Features Comparison

Dedicated Server
Dedicated servers are not only ideal for any application that requires large amounts of memory and processing power, but they can also be used to support high-traffic sites, such as social media networks. 

Furthermore, dedicated servers emphasize the physical availability of the server’s hardware resources compared to services based on virtual instances. Dedicated servers offer many benefits, including better security, consistent performance, and faster load times. 

They are also more expensive than a virtual server, but the cost may be justified if you want your system to be up 24/7 and always available.

OVHCloud Rise Dedicated Server Plans and Pricing
OVHCloud Rise Dedicated Server Plans and Pricing

Kinsta Domain

  1. .com $4.99/y
  2. .org $13.99/yr
  3. .net $11.99/yr
  4. .info $4.99/yr

OVhcloud Domain

  1. .com $4.99/yr
  2. .org $13.99/yr
  3. .net $11.99/yr
  4. .info $4.99/yr

Now let’s go into the further topic, speed and performance. Both have an important role while running a website because visitors depend on them. If your website doesn’t have enough speed of loading quickly, visitors will leave your website, and google won’t show your content on the first page. 

That’s why you should choose a web host that provides better speed. Kinsta vs. OVHcloud: plans and pricing; OVHcloud is the winner because they offer hosting plans at a cheap price. Although they offer VPS, dedicated server, and web hosting. 

Kinsa only offers WordPress hosting. Now let’s dive into the next topic. I discuss both web hosts in terms of speed and performance. So you should know which web host is good for speed and performance.

Performance Analysis: Is OVHcloud faster than Kinsta?

Kinsta‘s web hosting services have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which means they are trusted to provide reliable web hosting services. Furthermore, their data centers have state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology, and security measures to ensure their customers get a reliable service. 

OVHcloud claims that its websites remain online up to 99.9% of the time. That is due to OVHcloud’s confidence in its network structure which is based on multiple data centers and superior networking equipment, servers, and software. 

As a result, OVH offers customers an extremely reliable web hosting service. The company is confident in its network structure based on multiple data centers, networking equipment, servers and software, and the highest availability standards.

Is Kinsta faster than OVHcloud?

Yes, we created two new test WordPress websites using Elementor, one with Kinsta and one with OVHcloud. We next checked the loading times of these sites using the online monitoring tool Pingdom.

following are the Kinsta site results:

  • Asia – Japan – Tokyo: 1.25s
  • North America – USA – Washington D.C: 1.00s
  • Europe – United Kingdom – London: 1.10s
  • Pacific – Australia – Sydney: 2.13s

The OVHcloud site results are as follows:

  • Asia – Japan – Tokyo: 2.16s
  • North America – USA – Washington D.C: 1.83s
  • Europe – United Kingdom – London: 2.17s
  • Pacific – Australia – Sydney: 2.58s

Kinsta vs. OVHcloud: speed and performance; Kinsta is the winner because kinsta is faster than OVHcloud. Furthermore, It’s more reliable than OVHcloud.

Customer Support

Kinsta offers 24/7 support. So you wouldn’t have to be bothered about your website being down. They have highly qualified web developers who can assist you if you face any technical difficulties. 

They have a very active online support system. They are very friendly and helpful. There are many things that they can do for you to solve problems. They are committed to providing excellent service. 

That’s why they hire a highly experienced team of customer service executives who can respond quickly to our clients. You can contact them directly by message or call them. 

Their live chat support is pretty good. I used it, and they responded within a minute. The only issue is that you have to provide email only once to connect with their team member.

Kinsta Live Chat

OVHcloud offers a specialized staff of experts to help you with any technical difficulty. They are exceptionally kind and supportive. They will assist you in resolving your issue. 

But the downside is that OVHcloud doesn’t provide a live chat service to its customers. OVHcloud offers a free support ticket system. You can use it to submit questions, request help, or report issues. 

You can also reach them by email or phone. They are accessible from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday. In Kinsta vs. OVHcloud: customer support, Kinsta is the winner because they offer 24/7 live chat service and respond within a minute.

OVHcloud customer support Email ticket
OVHcloud email ticket

Kinsta vs OVHcloud Security

The number of people wishing to access a user’s private information increases along with the popularity of online purchasing. Hackers are constantly seeking techniques to access websites and take private information. 

Kinsta is a user-friendly website hosting platform that focuses on delivering and creating a simple website for everyone. It also makes managing your website’s content and performing changes simple thanks to its user-friendly interface. 

All verified domains on Kinsta are immediately protected by their Cloudflare integration, which comes with free SSL certificates with wildcard support. This means you won’t have to bother about manually establishing an SSL on Kinsta unless you have a particular need to. 

Kinsta supports two-factor authentication and IP geolocation blocking, and it automatically blocks IP addresses after six failed login attempts in a minute. In a world where cybercrime is a big concern, cloud security results in implementing best practices to secure data and information systems (IS). 

The cloud provider must provide labeled solutions that match current standards and hybrid and multi-cloud systems. 

Using a trusted cloud provider’s services to safeguard your data in a free and independent cloud, regularly performing backups and monitoring, and even hiring consultants and service providers to enhance the security of your IT services are some of the security requirements.

Kinsta Security Features

Our Verdict: Which is better, KInsta or OVHcloud?​

If you need a hosting web service with a high level of reliability, OVHcloud is the way to go. Moreover, OVHcloud is cheaper than kinsta. Kinsta has more features and a user-friendly interface than OVHcloud, but it is more expensive than OVHcloud. 

Blue background OvhCloud logo

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Cloud Hosting
For all new customers: Intel® Xeon® E Processor, Unlimited traffic, Backup storage space, USD200 Free Public credits, Asia-Pacific, Europe or North America Locations.

Kinsta is the winner because it has many valuable features, reasonable prices, faster, and reliability.

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Which are the best alternatives to Kinsta vs OVHcloud

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  2. GoDaddy: A giant in domain registration and comprehensive hosting solutions. Read our GoDaddy review.
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  4. Namecheap: Offers competitively priced domains and hosting services. Read our Namecheap review.
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  6. HostGator: Offers user-friendly hosting plans. Read our HostGator review.
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  8. GreenGeeks: Eco-friendly hosting with a commitment to sustainability. Read our GreenGeeks review.
  9. TMD Hosting: Known for excellent customer service and diverse hosting plans. Read our TMD Hosting analysis.
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  11. InMotion Hosting: Balanced offerings with great support and reliabilityRead our InMotion Hosting review.
  12. HostPapa: Small business-oriented with a range of easy-to-use tools. Read our HostPapa review.
  13. StableHost: Reliable hosting with an emphasis on stability. Visit our StableHost review.
  14. Cloudways: Cloud hosting management is made easy and efficient. Read our Cloudways review.

FAQs of Kinsta vs OVHcloud

Kinsta excels for beginners with its user-friendly interface, managed WordPress features, and 24/7 expert support. OVHcloud offers powerful tools but requires more technical knowledge to navigate effectively.

Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting is designed to efficiently handle high-traffic websites, offering automatic scalability and optimized performance. OVHcloud provides scalable cloud solutions and dedicated servers that support high-traffic websites, making it suitable for various high-traffic requirements.

Kinsta and OVHcloud offer website migration services to help you transfer your website from one hosting provider to another. Kinsta provides free migration for new customers, and OVHcloud offers migration assistance for its hosting solutions.

Kinsta prioritizes website security with advanced measures like DDoS detection, hardware firewalls, and daily backups tailored explicitly for WordPress. OVHcloud also offers robust security features, including firewall protection and SSL certificates, ensuring a secure website hosting environment.

Both offer scalability options. Kinsta’s plans scale based on traffic needs, while OVHcloud offers upgrades to VPS or dedicated servers.

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